Auto Insurance Premiums and Credit Scores

What is fair and what isn’t fair may not always be black and white, it may not always be right, and it may not even make sense at all. When you are shopping around for auto insurance companies, you’re shopping around for the most affordable rate. Do you ever stop to think that your credit score would play a role in the outcome? As far off and unrelated as that may sound, it is the truth. Since a Supreme Court ruling a few years ago, insurance companies are allowed to make decisions of insurance rate premiums by factoring in an individual’s credit score. What does one’s credit score have to do with the kind of rate they receive? Nothing. Yet they are still using that information to “discriminate” against individuals who have poor credit scores. An example of this discrimination would be if someone with a drink driving conviction and a great credit score would get a lower insurance rate than someone who has no convictions and has never been in an accident but has lost their job and hasn’t found work. It’s a bit unsettling to know that it is easier for a convicted drunk driver to get an affordable rate than someone who has a had time making their monthly payments on time. At this point there is nothing anyone can do about this procedure and the fact that credit scores are used as part of determining factors for auto insurance premiums. As we all are aware that things aren’t always fair, but in my opinion not only is it unfair, credit scores and auto insurance premiums should share no relationship.