Auto Insurance & Social Responsibility

We have all seen the alcoholic beverage commercials that suggest we “drink responsibly,” along with the stunt devil ads that indicate we
should not try this at home. When I think of social responsibility relating to insurance companies, I think of those that reward their customers for being responsible, mainly car insurance companies. For example, the better driver you are for a certain period of time, you are rewarded with a lower premium and other incentives the company may be offering. Those companies show that they not only are about getting
business, but they truly care about the well being of society and want to encourage people to be safer on the roads. I’m sold. Saving money
is not be the sole purpose of motivation to become a safer and more responsible driver, however, but it does help the process along. In
today’s world, when money is tight, and costs are high, every little bit helps. So if that means paying more attention in a 25 mph zone to
avoid going 40 mph, we have another good reason to do so.

Over the last decade or so, certain holidays and designated days of the year have become highly celebrated and known to involve taking the day off work, consuming alcohol, and going out with friends to have a good time. As St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, I have come across some information insurance companies are passing along to the public in regards to the holiday. They are being socially responsible by making public announcements and encouraging people to celebrate the holiday responsibly. Companies that encourage responsibility and reward those for it make a better name for themselves as they show they care about the well being of society. Hopefully more and more companies will start to follow suit.