Comparison Shopping is the Future of Health Insurance

Its seems as though comparison shopping is going to be one of the major benefits of the new health care reform.  In 2014, health insurance exchanges are going to be setup for people to compare and contrast the different plans available.  This new marketplace or exchange will allow Americans to be in control of what they want in a heath insurer.  Shopping for health insurance is going to be a lot like shopping at a comparison travel site.  All benefits will be laid out in black and white and the consumer, for the first time, will be able to make their own decisions.

Shopping for health insurance today is a very daunting task.  First you need to find a reputable health insurance agent, which can sometimes be very difficult.  Then, you need to select a plan that closely matches your you health needs.  And finally, you need to select a plan that you can afford.  And that is been at the root of this health insurance issue.  With insurance rates skyrocketing, the American people need a fair and balanced marketplace that clearly spells out the costs hopefully  keep rates in-check and competitive.

No one knows exactly what will happen when these exchanges are put in place in 2014, but all we can do is hope that they will be a good thing for America going forward.