Obamacare goes to the supreme court

Things are definitely getting interesting with the Obamacare debate. If you haven’t already taken notice, Obama care is currently being discussed by the Supreme Court on whether or not the individual mandate is constitutional.

The issue with the individual mandate is that this would be the time the government would be forcing US citizens to purchase health care. If individuals decide to not purchase health insurance, they would be subject to fines that increase with every year that goes by without being insured. So far there is no indication on which way the supreme court will rule but this discussion has sparked all kinds of different debates. One of which is can Obamacare still exist if the individual mandate is removed from the plan. From what I understand this is a very large and important piece of the plan and doubt it will survive without it.

The reason the individual mandate was introduced was to cut down on the cost of the uninsured medical bills that get passed on to the public. Bu having this mandate it forces people to get insurance or pay then fine, which in turn will curb the uninsured medical costs.

I can see both side of this agreement. On the one hand, I don’t like the government forcing US citizens to purchase anything, but I also understand that Insurance and medical costs are skyrocketing and if something doesn’t happen soon, none of us will be able to afford medical care.