Michigan Home Insurance Marketing

It seems like you cannot watch TV without seeing a Home Insurance commercial. My personal favorite commercial that they play quite a bit here in Michigan is the Allstate Mayhem series. I have to say I do enjoy these home insurance commercials very much. Every one is funnier than the last.

It seems as though marketing budgets for insurance have really increased over the last decade. Its seems like State Farm, Allstate and Farmers seem to be leading the charge in Home insurance advertising. I have a feeling this type of marketing is working. Why would insurance companies spend tens of millions of dollars if they weren’t seeing an high roi?

I think there is one other marketing activity that the Home insurance companies are spending a ton of money on….online marketing. This includes, pay per click, display and affiliate marketing. The average cost per click on home insurance is $25…yikes. But like I said… it must be working otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.